Hello, my name is Erika Rau-Mailhot.

Hello, my name is Erika Rau-Mailhot.

I am a native of the east coast (Massachusetts) and relocated to beautiful El Paso, Texas in 2017.I have always had a passion for jewelry and I became involved in the jewelry industry in 1995 ,while living in Virginia. As I started to handle jewelry on a daily basis, I had a strong desire to know more about each piece that I was handling. This prompted me to begin my journey to becoming a Graduate Gemologist.

In 1997, while working in an American Gemological Store (AGS) in Annapolis, Maryland I had a ah-ha moment and started to develop a business appraisal plan which I was finally able to start the implementation of in 1999.

A young gentlemen had bought a stone on the internet and had gone into a store in an Annapolis Mall to have it put into a quality setting. As the stone was being set, changes occurred to the stone that the jeweler had never seen. I was already deep into my courses at GIA and was able to tell the jeweler what he was seeing and why. I proceeded to contact the gentlemen and asked him to provide with me with all the documentation he was given when he purchased the stone. In very small print at the bottom of all his documentation was "enhanced diamond".

I immediately saw a need that was not being met in the industry AND the realization of the importance of accurate appraisals particularly with the evolution of the internet and buying on line. I went from that one moment in that one store to my company, Bay Appraisals on the Chesapeake Bay in Southern Maryland and traveling up and down the east coast servicing over 140 jewelry stores with on-site appraisal events.

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